Lisa Kellner

“What I am trying to negotiate through my work is the role contemporary art plays in a rapidly consuming and disposable world.  For me, clarity comes from exploring the relationships and tension between opposing elements.

Rooted in the language of decay, erosion and disease, my work merges intricate microcosms with immense topographies.  In all of my work there is an awareness of location (whether a centimeter wide area on the body or an aerial view of earth) that facilitates the exploration of place and its emotive aspects.  

 History, itself, is my primary focus.  The capacity to interpret and digest historical notions:  within the subject matter, its geographical and chronological place, and the formal presentation on the surface plane are the constants in my work.”

“Inner Urban Sanctum”
‘Here and Now’

Transformer Gallery
Washington, DC
Juni 2008
(© Lisa Kellner)

De installatie was verspreid over vier ruimtes. De bedoeling was er om de vervallen staat  van de ruimtes (in al zijn schoonheid) te accentueren.

Meer van dat?


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